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Gryphon Oilfield Solutions

A Canadian based company specializing in development and manufacturing of completion systems for multi-stage fracturing for cemented and open-hole wells.

Oil States Energy Services

Oil States Energy Services (OSES) is a leader in providing integrated rental solutions and services to the global oil and gas industry.  With support and service equipment used during the production, completion and workover phases, OSES serves clients throughout the life cycle of the well providing thru tubing equipment, wellhead isolation tools, ball


Rimera Group

Rimera Group, the oilfield services division of ChelPipe Group, incorporates oil production equipment manufacturers and oilfield service providers, serving fuel and energy companies.


KazGeoTech” LLP is an oilfield services company that provides well production optimization services in Kazakhstan. The main direction is coil tubing technologies (CTT), increase in well production, compression with nitrogen stations.


Production Safety Supply

Production Safety Supply (PSS) was founded in 1985 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and is still based here. In early 2011 PSS joined with Glenmore Machining & Supply (GMS) and now build all of products in house at their 18,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility in the Foothills Industrial Park in Southeast Calgary. PSS has a complete line of oil well Production Equipment

satbayev university

Satbayev University

Satbayev University The oldest and one of the most prestigious technical universities in Kazakhstan, known for the developments in the fields of mining and oil business. For more than 80 years, the university has been synonymous with technological progress and leadership in Kazakhstan. Although Satbayev University’s business card is dominated by technical specialties, it is an interdisciplinary university where architecture and management are taught, too.