Multistage Frac System with shiftable sleeves

The need for cementing the liner can be caused by the stability factors of the hole (geomechanics) and the need for re-fracturing after a certain time (a more reliable solution than packers in the open hole, in the long run)

Coiled Tubing Shifting Sleeves

SUREshift is a cement able sliding sleeve system which allows the sleeves to be actuated with a mechanical shifting tool to easily open and close sleeves. It can be run in conjunction with the abrasive jet fracturing system to give multiple options for frac initiation.

  • Unlimited stages
  • Selective sleeve activation
  • Shift up to open, prevents valve sleeve from opening when running wiper plug and ensures valve actuation in extended reach applications
  • Shifting keys retract when pumping down the tubing and are designed to auto locate valves to limit operator error
  • Specialized design prevents cement from adhering to the tool which could prevent the valve from opening


  • There are no restrictions on the number of stages
  • Full bore inner diameter
  • Ability to work with any interval in any order
  • No milling