Completion Technologies:

Our approach to multilateral well completion planning or multi-stage fracturing is based on economic efficiency models in terms of drilling and completion, and also on the hydrodynamics of the field, the efficiency of the water injection scheme, the well drainage radius, and the effect on the residual oil recovery coefficient.

The determination of the completion scheme for horizontal wells is made  depending on the requirements for geological (geomechanical and hydrodynamic) models.

We offer the most effective methods with the criteria for the use of completion systems in open or cased holes:

  • Permanent systems that allow hydraulic fracturing and separate several zones in one injection cycle using the sleeves remaining in the wellbore as part of the completion system
  • Dynamic systems that perform perforating, hydraulic fracturing and the isolation of several zones in one operation

Our solutions take into account all the additional parameters that affect the economic efficiency (milling, workover, water inflow / coiled tubing operations) and the availability of appropriate equipment – these costs can be minimized taking into account the world experience with the use of advanced technologies


Multicolumn Completion Technologies


Multistage fracturing for open (non-cemented) trunk


MGRP for a cased trunk


Technology of injectable soluble    Echo DC cartridges


Hydro-sandblast perforation in the multistage fracturing process


Selective packer for multistage fracturing