Technology of dissolvable frac plugs Echo DC

  • Dissolvable Fracturing Plug is a breakthrough design available in a variety of compositions to meet specific downhole requirements.
  • The Echo DC plug assures both exceptional performance and reliable dissolution in traditional brine environments, high or lower temperatures. This range of performance is attainable due to extensive research into advanced alloy technologies, and the creation of the ideal mix of materials and product design, centered around achieving the ideal downhole performance characteristics.
  • The Echo DC plug is a fully dissolvable frac plug that utilizes both dissolvable magnesium alloys and dissolvable elastomers to achieve optimal results.

  • Material variations available to provide the right tool for the environment
  • Dissolvable Alloy – Reliable salinity dissolvable
  • Freshwater Alloy – Dissolution in low salinity levels; 1,000 ppm
  • Enables longer laterals not possible with composite plugs and coiled tubing
  • Eliminates uncertainty, risk and inevitable costs associated with traditional plug milling and removal

  • 114.3 mm 22.47 kg / m (4 ½ “15.1 ppf)
  • Available in hydrogen sulfide version 83 MPa (12 kpsi)
  • In the normal conditions, 103 Mpa (15 kpsi)
  • 69 Mpa (10 kpsi) Differential pressure on the plug
  • Temperature up to 150 ° C
  • S.G. – 1.85
  • Compatible with most types of hydraulic fracturing fluids

0 hours
12 hours
24 hours
29 hours